unsung heroes

the silouette
we know so well
standing strong
fighting the flames of hell

the oppressive heat
the weight of the gear
the hours of training
year after year

the rotating shifts
nights and days
always there
in so many ways

letting the children
sound the horns
rescuing kittens
amongst brambles and thorns

heartwrenching calls
where a life is lost
going above and beyond
no matter the cost

risking their lives
each time the alarm sounds
their courage steadfast
knowing no bounds

the helplessness and futility
they sometimes feel
overwhelmed and powerless
often times surreal

the silent tears
shed in sorrow
put aside
to deal with tomorrow

family times missed
holidays too
sacrifices made
to protect me and you

our unsung heroes
taken for granted tis true
please accept belatedly
a heartfelt thank you