sunshine and rainbow

in all that life has thrown my way
i wonder if this will be the day
to overcome all my nightmares and fears
that have invaded my dreams throughout the years

i wonder, if ever, can i hope, can i dream
can i rebuild my life and my self-esteem
become a whole person like i was before
will i find what i need if i don't ask for more

so i strive to keep a smile in place
no matter the stress, the strain, the pace
to look for laughter in all i do and see
to look for the sun to shine down on me

and when dark clouds invade outside
my doubts and my fears make me want to hide
as the strong wind drives down the pouring rain
all kinds of thoughts run through my brain

my courage falters, my faith starts to flee
the darkness begins to envelop me
my hopes all appear to be torn asunder
with every roar of the violent thunder

but then before me is this wondrous smile
i didn't know it had been there all the while
strong arms enfold me in a loving embrace
keeping me safe no matter the case

feeling the warmth, the love, the serenity
my heart, it seems to be telling me
that yes i can find all i want, all i need
to love and be loved in every thought word and deed

that by placing my trust, of my soul and my heart
in God and myself and not keep them apart
that the healing of all the past hurt and past pain
will go away also, like the storm and the rain

so as these new feelings i carry within
give me the strength to once again begin
i look out and gaze through my open window
only to find my sunshine and my rainbow