i have learned the hard way
through much heartbreak and many tears
to believe in myself and the power of love
and not give in to my insecurities and fears

accepting reality and facing life
living responsibly
may be harder for some than others
i know it was hard for me

no one said 'easy' was better
if they did it's not always true
for to grow inside as a person
we need a stumbling block or two

we try to hide from our problems
hoping they'll soon disappear
thinking we can make it on our own
convincing ourselves year after year

we may escape for awhile with drugs or alcohol
and live a make-believe life
or build ourselves a real fantasy world
where there's no pain, no fears and no strife

the people around us are many
but are they friends or people to use
they're only there for the good times
and we're all guilty of self abuse

we hurt ourselves and those who love us
our emotions get buried deep inside
and then one day we open our eyes
and realize there's no place left to hide

those that have been where we are now
are here with a hand to lend
they understand the pain and struggle
but know it's worth it in the end