my dad

as a little girl you were my pride and joy
oh thank God i wasn't born a boy
my hero, my protector, my shining light
always watching out for me, especially at night

you chased away the bogey man from whence he hid
you calmed my fears and did everything i bid
the hugs and smiles have always been there
it brightens my life just knowing you care

as i've grown older and spread my wings
you've always been there for everything
you've let me go and make my own mistakes
giving me always the strength that it takes

you never doubted me, if you did i couldn't see
you knew i could do things you believed in me
you made sure that i saw things from every side
accepted my decisions, taking them in stride

"i told you so" has never been heard
just your love and support with a soft spoken word
you ache and hurt for me when things go wrong
you've always stood by me and helped me stay strong

you've given me values that i strive to fulfill
to work hard towards my goals and to keep a strong will
to accept things in life as they come, to take nothing for granted
to be the best that i can be and to avoid views that are slanted

and though sometimes i may falter and stumble
you've taught me to keep going and not to crumble
you've taught me the value of our family and friends
to be there for each other through thick and thin

of my accomplishments you've given nothing but praise
encouraging all my hopes and dreams in so many ways
accepting me as i am, shaping me as i've grown
teaching me to accept myself and how to be on my own

some may call me 'daddy's little girl' spoiled and rotten
not really knowing of all i've learned and gotten
to strive for goals that i might not have had
you're my teacher, you're my best friend, you're my dad

loving you always and all ways
your 'little girl'


in loving memory

Frank Salvatore Sanfilippo, Sr
march 07, 1925 - july 23, 1994

in my heart and with me always