you carried me
                       before birth
                            while growing
                                 through living

                  you gave me
                       hopes and dreams
                            fairy tales and fantasies

                  you healed me
                       my hurts when i was little
                            my heart as i grew
                                 my spirit whnever it was in need

                  you nurtured me
                       through all my childhood illnesses
                            through all my growing pains
                                 through all life's ups and downs

                  you taught me
                       about being a woman
                            about family and friends
                                 about love and life

                  you were there for me
                       whatever i needed you for
                            however i needed you
                                 whenever i needed you

                  you loved me
                       no matter what i did
                            without reservation

                  you are with me
                                      in my heart

loving you always and all ways
your 'little girl'


in loving memory
Harriett Lucy Lentz Sanfilippo
december 14, 1929 - august 25, 2000

in my heart and with me always