it shows

nursing is a career of manys
many classes, many hours, many days
many sacrifices, willingly made
you make a difference and it shows in many ways

it shows in your compassion
given without question to all
by the myriad of tasks and duties
none too big and none to small

it shows in all your caring
in all aspects of patient care
by reassuring and giving peace of mind
to your patients and family that's there

it shows in all the kindnesses
that you do for family and friends
in helping them understand all things
by making a difference in the end

it shows in all your patience
in dealing with everyone's fears
by accepting your own limitations
and sharing in all the tears

it shows in your professionalism
showing everyone respect
maintaining your patient's dignity
helping them keep their self-respect

it shows in your dedication
that always seems to shine through
you're a special breed of people
and it shows in everything you do

so step forward with pride as your are honored
in the humblest and simplest of ways
thank you - thank you - thank you
may God bless you every day