many ask me why i use the name whytetyger and all i can answer is that i have felt an affinity for the tiger since i was a young girl.  watching a magic act (many of you might have heard of siegfried and roy) i was thrilled with their performance but mesmerized by the white tigers they used in their act.  there was just something about the white tiger that created a bond with me and i have been a "tiger lover" ever since.  they are truly a majestic entity and if we are not careful with those that are left, the few remaining species will no longer be endangered, but extinct.  just the thought of future generations of children not being able to experience the power, grace and majesty of these beautiful animals saddens me greatly.  i am a firm supporter of "save the tiger" and do what little i can to further the effort and hope that you too can appreciate the tiger for what it once was, now is and hopefully will always be.
    please check out the tiger links page.  you never know, you might learn something interesting, exciting and new.  i hope you enjoy my page of favorite tiger pictures as well.


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