blyzzard's corner





    hi everyone!!   my name is blyzzard and as you can see from my picture above, i am a tiger and a white one at that.

    my twin sister snowe and i will be fixing this site up to tell stories and introduce you to our family and friends.  our mother, also white, is tygryss and our father, sabre, is an orange tiger.  we also have an older brother and sister, they are both orange and their names are flayme and sunnsett.  we have lots of friends to tell you about too,  from cloude our white lion friend to giggles the chimpanzee.  we'll work hard to get things done soon cause we can't wait till we can meet and share our friends with all of you.

     so please come back and see our site
     it will take a while to get it right
     but it will be happy and lots of fun
     a site to be enjoyed by everyone

     so scroll on down and come inside
     to enter our tiger's lair
     we can't wait to meet you
     snowe and me we're quite a pair

     ps. my sister snowe got mad cause my picture is up on top.  so here is a picture of her so you will know us when you come back.