home and family

this is our little corner
that often is called a lair
we only really sleep here
cause we like outsides fresh air

it's very warm and cozy
and very open too
sort of on the dark side
but we really like the view

unless its very rainy
we're often just outside
we love to play and frolic
and find good places to hide

our mama, tygryss, is very special
as pretty as pretty can be
she's always watching over us
so no harm comes to snowe and me

our poppa, sabre, looks ferocious
but you see that isn't the case
he's soft as butter on the inside
just looks mean when watching our place

our big brother now, his name is flayme
is at a very difficult age
between a cub and a tiger full grown
he's in a very awkward stage

our big sister we call her sunnsett
is as different as night is to day
she primps and acts so delicate
we do our best to stay away

so this is our happy little family
and we're really nice as can be
we hope you come back real often
and visit with snowe and me