god's gift to us

you've often let us see you err
and taught us much about pride
and how we may not always succeed
but at least we know we've tried

you've taught us compassion
and all about "tough love"
you cried with us over punishment
but always ended it with a hug

you've taught us tolerance
for those not quite like us
whether it be mental or physical
just to help those as we must

you've taught us to respect all beliefs
whether or not we agree
to allow others their opinions
regardless of sex, race or creed

you've taught us about acceptance
in what we may or may not do
to accept our limitations
and to know the difference between the two

you've taught us to always watch and learn
and to always look for more
to search and question and wonder why
to read and constantly explore

you've taught us to be proud of our accomplishments
in word, in thought and in deed
to know the difference between right and wrong
and the importance of our own self esteem

you've taught us what it means to care
about ourselves and each other
to take good care of our bodies and minds
and to remember that one helps the other

you've taught us to rely on ourselves
and to depend on those that we trust
to do for ourselves whenever we can
and to know to get help when we must

you've taught us how to be independent
to use common sense and informed opinions
to view the options and all the facts
to accept responsibility for our own decisions

you've taught us to be confident
in all that we know and do
not to brag or boast or exaggerate
just to "let the truth speak for you"

you've taught us to be considerate of others
in how they think and feel
to remember emotions can be fragile
and what we feel is nothing, to someone can be real

you both have received God's blessing
and we are the ones that can see
that you've always thought of putting us first
you've taught us to think "we" not "me"

the values we've been given
are planted deep inside
and though sometimes we may falter
we have your love as our constant guide

you've taught us not to limit ourselves
but how to reach for the sky
to open our hearts and be there for each other
never needing to know or ask why

you've given us your most precious gift
all the love that you both have to share
accepting us for who and what we've become
always showing how much you care

you've accepted our spouses, our children, our friends
no hesitations, no questions, no reservations
you've extended our family to include special people
you've been our greatest inspiration

we've been chosen to share our lives together
to reap the rewards of family and love
to grow to learn, to be everything we can be
to be true to ourselves and God above

we feel privileged that God has chosen you
to raise us and be our father and mother
for we can be no less than honest in saying
we would have chosen no other

this is just a small heartfelt way
to thank you for all you've done and still do
we honor you and give you all our love
and thank God for his special gift to us, you