fine feathered friends

our feathered friends are many
in lots of shapes, sizes and color too
some you might already know of
and some might be very new

  wings is a mighty eagle
graceful and majestic in flight
a symbol of our nation
a bird of prey with great might


  glyder is a hawk you know
another bird of prey
he helps mother nature you see
keep a balance every day

  hootie is our wise old owl
a bird of prey, also, tis true
but he would never hurt anyone
he'd much rather educate you

  feathers is a glorious peacock
with a big pretty tail like a fan
he struts and shows his colors
just because he can

  mimic is a very loud parrot
with bright and pretty colors to see
he repeats over and over
anything said by you or me


  screetch is a noisy cockatoo
all though so pretty in white
a dash of bright color on his head
and when he ruffles he's quite a sight

  qwaq is a silly duckling
waddles wherever she walks
she even sometimes flies you know
and boy can she ever talk

  honker is a big old goose
noisy when he wants to be
sounding the alarm as loud as he can
letting you know it's you he can see

  grayce is a gentle soul
gliding with grace on the pond
born as an ugly duckling
growing into a beautiful swan

  pinkee is a flamingo
on one foot she stands all day
how she doesn't fall over
is really hard to say


  mouthee is a pelican
a big pouch his mouth becomes
easy to scoop his dinner up
no mess, no fuss, no crumbs

  darte is a little seagull
that plays with an incoming wave
scolding the oncoming water
telling it that he is very brave

  scarlyt is a cardinal
bright red with a peaked hat
pretty to always see around
what do you think of that?

  redd is a dear sweet robin
with a breast of the prettiest color
gentle kind and very loving
acts as if she's our mother

  chopper is a noisy little bird
a woodpecker you may see around
usually way up in a tree
not often on the ground

  synger is a dainty lark
sings a very pretty little song
she's always fun to have around
and often just tags along


  angyl is our hummingbird
as tiny a bird you'll ever see
with the prettiest song around us
she's special to snowe and me

there are so many more you know
of our winged and feathered friends
but we can't list them all you see
or this poem will never end