in loving memory




                                  steffi                      rahneil                     bianca

does heaven have a phone number?

mommy went to heaven, but i need her here today,
my tummy hurts and i fell down, i need her right away,
operator can you tell me how to find her in this book?
is heaven in the yellow part, i don't know where to look.
i think my big sister needs her too, at night i hear her cry.
i hear her call her name sometimes, but i really don't know why.
maybe if i call her, she will hurry home to me.
is heaven very far away, is it across the sea?
she's been gone a long, long time she needs to come home now!
i really need to reach her, but i simply don't know how.
help me find the number please, is it listed under "heaven"?
i can't read these big big words, i am not yet seven.
i'm sorry operator, i didn't mean to make you cry,
is your tummy hurting too, or is there something in your eye?
if i call my church maybe they will know.
mommy said when we need help that's where we should go.
i found the number to my church tacked up on the wall.
thank you operator, i'll give them a call.

author unknown




as simple and elegant as the golden rose
a golden heart she had everyone knows
jag alskar du mig sot liten systern

kal-el (dy)



ajo vannen

she walks in light
  at His side
  no more pain
  or needing to hide

  peace of mind
  of heart and soul
  once again
  totally whole

  gentle in spirit
  goodness of heart
  always with us
  never apart

  behind she leaves
  a true legacy
  pure love in
  sweet steffi

  gentle, kind, loving
  fiercly loyal too
  best friend
  joci-bri i miss you

  so friend of my heart
  now my angel guardian
  jag alskar du
  ajo vannen






as i sit here crying tears
wishing months had instead been years
why God, take sweet angel from mortal man
i know there is a reason for your plan

the pain will fade in time i know
but the love for you will always show
you gave us hope, laughter and smiles
across the many many distant miles

be sure that steffi will be loved by all
as we watch her grow straight and tall
watch us, sweet angel, from above
and know you left us with much love

  ron king(asl43mks)




the farthest close friend i've ever had

the friend that i never met,
sure, we've talked,
without voices,
only words,
small ones,
but still,
we've talked
a close friend,
an inviting shoulder,
sure, it was a cyber shoulder,
but it was still there for me,
she was a true friend,
we will all miss her,
very dearly,
we all love you

rest in peace





xxsweet angelxx

you came into our live's a "sweet angel" the
world could not hold.
your smile such sunshine, so bright, was almost blinding.
you saw the good through all the despair,
you let us know you would always be there.
God took you home and i miss you so.
you left in our hearts your love to hold to.
an angel on earth, to good to stay.
no more can you be hurt our sweet angel, your safe from harm.
in these words of pain and great sadness,
i look through the tears.
to remember the words, you gave from your heart.
i ponder why such evil lives on when such beauty is taken,
gone from the bounds of this earth.
you left us part of your sunshine, so small and so frail.
something to hold onto within this despair.
your sweet little "steffi", a new angel to behold,
she is loved by so many in this world all over.
she is as beautiful as her mother she as yet does not know.
i promise you faithfully our sweet angel
she will know the woman, the person, the angel we hold so dear.
we will all let her see,
through our words of love the angel who left us too soon,
how she so filled us with love.
through our silent tears sweet friend you will always be near.
you left us two bright rays of sunshine,
the daughter who is older, so beautiful, so loved.
she will look to the new and show her your ways,
give her the love that you have bestowed.
rest easy my loving friend,
knowing you are safe and so greatly loved.
i love and miss you...





death of an angel

God cried the day he let her walk out the gates of heaven.
He wept for such an innocent soul,
his sweet angel sent to earth.
God looked down the path and saw she vanished from sight,
"I cry for her leaving and in my heart I know she will set the world on fire.  My heart aches for the pain she will know on earth, someday she will come back to me."

He sat for ney on forty years to watch her walk back through the golden gates back into heaven. He looked at her still perfect still sweet, but diffrent.  the sadness, it was the sadness in her eyes, he thought. God took her into his arms and said, "the world was never ready for such perfection"

sierra_42's kid