classy aussie friends


there is a "class" of friends
that i'm sure you will be glad to meet
just getting to know all of them
is a very special treat


they are from the land down under
austrailia to be exact
each one very special
and that is truly a fact

mrs leons and miss tammy
are the teachers to this bunch
teaching all the stuff they need
watching over them at lunch

ben is a very handy lad
a craftsman he'll possibly be
so very good with his hands you know
he has talent and ability

kassy is a little giggler
love to hear her "tee hee hees"
her laughter is contagious
she brings a smile to all she sees


lorrie is a lot like me
she loves to read and write
maybe she will even one day
have her very own internet web site


mykal is a special guy
who helped us journey down this path
but please dont tell him we told ya
he really dislikes his math

nikki is into fashion
enjoys fixing and styling her hair
maybe one day she'll be famous
for style and fashion and flair

paul is really into summer
and i think if he had one wish
it would be summer all of the time
so that he could swim like a fish


stephan is into computers
he may be the next bill gates
he'll probably design new programs
and share them with all of his mates

travis may be an artist
cause he really likes to draw
watching all that he creates
can leave us all in awe

wayne is a real bouncer
loves to jump up and down
watching him on the trampoline
makes you look with an upside down frown

so now you've met the lively crew
this classy class of nine
they're extra special friends of ours
my sister snowe's and mine