the wind stirs
the trees gently move as if dancing to an unknown tune
their leaves drift slowly to the unsuspecting ground below
one by one the trees become naked and cold
and the ground well clothed and warm
the many brightly colored leaves
that have wandered from their birthplace
call silently to those left behind
and with a sudden gust of wind
many more answer the silent call and leave their security behind

the trees
now bared to the soul
looking lost and forlorn bend slowly to and fro
seemingly calling out to their lost color and life
but the answer is silence
and the lonely trees cry throughout the night
the apathetic wind blowing harsh and cold

the sun
looks down and shines it's rays of warmth
upon the naked trees
it's sympathy showing brightly
it warms their branches gently
and brings them solace and cheer

the sky
clear blue
looks down at them too
to offer shelter from up above
it's snowy white puffs of gently rolling clouds
extends it's offer of a helping hand

the trees
have lost their leaves
a temporary setback for them all to overcome
but knowing
come next spring
they will return to their full glory
it's all very simple for nature to understand life
now nature should educate me